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Youth & Kids Programs


12 week program

Graffiti Kids

Our graffiti art program equips young individuals with skills in sketching, lettering, and mural creation. Starting with markers and progressing to spray paint, participants create murals that enhance community aesthetics, inspired by works like those at the Sangre De Cristo Art Center. The workshop fosters consistency, devotion, and determination, and by collaborating with local schools, fills educational gaps in artistic and cultural learning. Exposure to graffiti opens career paths in mural art and other creative fields such as art show particiaptation, with mentorship from professional artists. It engages youth in community projects, boosting their sense of belonging and combating social issues. Rooted in street culture, the program also preserves and promotes its cultural value. Ultimately, ww cultivate future leaders who can share their skills within and beyond their communities.

12 week program

Kids Breakdancing

Explore our breakdancing program, a blend of physical fitness, artistic skill, and cultural expression. We emphasize discipline and health, fostering community ties through Hip-Hop culture. Participants have opportunities for professional growth, including Olympic aspirations, guided by experienced dancers. Our program offers a positive alternative for youth, redirecting them from urban challenges towards constructive engagement. This program promises skill development, personal growth, and community participation.

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12 week program

Kids Fashion Design

Our fashion design program equips youth with practical skills in sewing, patternmaking, and design, setting a foundation for careers in the fashion industry. It offers a creative outlet for youth to express personal style and experiment with various styles, materials, and designs. The program celebrates Pueblo's cultural diversity, incorporating elements like Hip-Hop into fashion projects for a unique creative experience. It also fosters entrepreneurial skills in fashion marketing and business, nurturing local creative talents to boost the economy. Collaborative community building is a key focus, with peer-learning and mentorship from local fashion experts. Economic opportunities arise by showcasing participant designs at local events, possibly leading to a self-sustaining program model. Additionally, the program boosts participants' self-esteem and confidence through project completion and public recognition.

12 week program

Kids DJing

The DJ Workshop trains aspiring DJs in mixing and scratching, while promoting values like consistency. It also opens doors to DJ careers through networking and offers therapeutic expression through music. By preserving Hip-Hop culture, it engages youth, fosters social connections, complements education, builds confidence through performances, and provides mentorship for sustainable learning. Ultimately, it's a comprehensive platform for skill development, economic opportunities, social cohesion, and cultural celebration for Pueblo's youth.

Kids DJing
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